The Patriot Post® · King Obama Will Really Miss Air Force One

During his remarks to the graduating cadets at the U.S. Air Force Academy, Barack Obama’s insulting and out-of-touch attitude toward our nation’s warriors was on full display. He praised the Air Force for, well, being great air stewards, telling its cadets, “You take good care of me. You are always on time. You never lose my luggage. I don’t have to take off my shoes before I get on. So I am really going to miss Air Force One, as well as the incredible airmen that I’ve come to know.”

Where to start? Air Force One has become a symbol of Obama’s decadence — he’s living like royalty at taxpayer expense. In mid-2014, the cost to jet Obama around reached the half-billion-dollar mark. We’ll never begrudge a sitting president the travel that’s required for managing the affairs of the state, but Obama’s lavish fundraising runs and media appearances have long been over the top — especially where the first family could have flown together but chose to fly separately. (For the record, flying Air Force One for an hour costs taxpayers about $228,000. And while this may seem like chump change to those who note that our national debt has surpassed $19 trillion, the behavior is symptomatic of Obama’s profligacy.)

Perhaps it was only fitting, then, for the commander in chief who has used the military as a petri dish for all sorts of social experiments to thank our warriors not for their sacrifice but for keeping track of his luggage.

In February, Obama said in a television appearance, “I don’t miss flying commercial, taking your shoes off and all that.” Newsflash: While Obama is burning millions in taxpayers’ money on flight, thousands of Americans are missing their commercial flights because the TSA cannot screen travelers in a timely manner. What a let-them-eat-cake moment.