The Patriot Post® · Investigation Into Clinton's Email Not a 'Security Review'

By Dan Gilmore ·

Hillary Clinton has been downplaying the FBI’s investigation into her email server by saying it’s simply a “security review,” something like a local beat cop making a welfare check on a residence where the newspapers have been piling up. But a recent court filing shows the FBI is taking the matter a bit more seriously.

In response to a lawsuit from a journalist demanding the Department of Justice hand over information in accordance to the Freedom of Information Act, the FBI said it cannot because it’s investigating Clinton’s email for the purposes of counterintelligence. Additionally, the FBI is using its law enforcement authority to pursue this case. In other words, Clinton’s email habits are currently under investigation to determine whether she broke the law and if her actions endangered or compromised state secrets.

That’s not the only headache the emails contain for Clinton. The International Business Times requested the State Department hand over the emails between Clinton and the United States Trade Representative for the purpose of learning more about Clinton’s stance on the Trans-Pacific Partnership — Obama’s trade deal with the countries ringed around the Pacific Ocean besides China. The State Department delayed the release of the documents until after the November election — hiding whatever the emails contained until after voters have made their choice. It appears as if Clinton still has friends in the department.

TPP was one of the issues on which Clinton flip-flopped. In 2013 she supported it. In 2015, possibly in an effort to rebrand, she told America, “Based on what I know so far, I can’t support this agreement.” The emails would have shown what Clinton really thought of TPP when she was talking behind closed doors on what she thought was the privacy of an unsecured server.