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No White Males Allowed

To promote diversity, a conference excludes men of pallor.

Jun. 8, 2016

It’s not just the American educational system that has been overrun by buttercup Bolsheviks and social justice warriors hell bent on ousting any speaker or professor that doesn’t conform to their new and enlightened view of the world. The ivory towers in England are equally full of people pushing the bounds of absurdity. The union that represents brits working in higher education across the UK, University and College Union, banned straight white males from attending their equality conferences. On the application to sign up for the conferences, the union asks would-be attendees to describe their “protected characteristic.” If they don’t have some kind of identity with which to cry grievance, attendees are banned from speaking up during breakout sessions, called — you guessed it — “safe spaces.”

As Cat Reid of Heat Street writes, “[E]xcluding straight, white men from taking part in these conferences completely undermines their point. How are people expected to tackle minority issues when, in the most crass manner, one of the root causes of that problem is specifically excluded from participating — as though it didn’t exist? It is also incredibly ignorant to suggest that white men cannot — and don’t want to — fight for equality.”

However, the union’s decision highlights one thing of liberal thought: They are not interested in dialogue and listening to all the voices involved. “Equality” is all about an agenda. Talking (by some people) is not going to be tolerated.

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