The Patriot Post® · Casting Blame in All the Wrong Places

By Paul Albaugh ·

The terrorist attack in Orlando carried out by a radicalized Islamic U.S. citizen has brought back to the forefront talks of more gun control, as well as a fight over how to address so-called “hate crimes.” Amidst all of the speculation about who this murderer was and why he committed this horrific act of terror, many in the Leftmedia, the “LGBT community” and even our own president are attempting to blame people and organizations who had nothing to do with what happened.

A Muslim killed homosexuals during Ramadan and “LGBT Pride Month,” so naturally, it’s the fault of … Christians.

You can’t make this stuff up folks. It’s really happening, and it is going to grow worse each and every time an atrocity happens. Instead of looking at the root causes of Omar Mateen’s evil actions, we are told that it’s the fault of everyone opposed to the homosexual agenda (or gun control).

According to ACLU attorney Chase Strangio, Christians are to blame. “You know what is gross,” he tweeted, “your [Christian] thoughts and prayers and Islamophobia after you created this anti-queer climate.” He continued, “The Christian Right has introduced 200 anti-LGBT bills in the last six months and people [are] blaming Islam for this.”

As if it’s outrageous to blame a radical Muslim when a radical Muslim pulled the trigger.

Maybe Strangio missed some important facts about the murderer. Mateen was not only Muslim but a Democrat, and some suspect he was a regular at the homosexual bar because he himself was homosexual — versus casing the joint for the attack. (There’s much to be said about the self-loathing he must have felt as he tried to be a “good Muslim.” One might call this a self-hate crime.) Yet somehow the ACLU has the audacity to blame Christians, conservatives and Republicans.

National Review’s Heather Mac Donald reports that right after the Orlando attack, media outlets wasted no time in trying to connect the incident to outrage over Obama’s transgender bathroom policies. Further, she notes that The New York Times attempted to frame the discussion about why it happened without once mentioning Islamic extremism.

From the Times: “What did it mean that it happened in June, Gay Pride Month? Was it a hate crime against gay people or simply evidence that gun violence is out of control — or both? Gay rights have been advancing at a rapid clip. Has that lessened homophobia? Or maybe made it worse?”

Another delusional individual, Chad Griffin, who is president of the Human (read: Homosexual) Rights Campaign, railed that Orlando is an example of what happens when a “deranged, delusional person is taught to hate” by a “preacher on Sunday morning in church or by a politician.” He might have a point except that Mateen was taught in an Islamic mosque, not a Christian church. Nor did he learn from politicians who have fought for traditional values and Rule of Law.

James Obergefell, the plaintiff from Ohio whose same-sex marriage was upheld by the Supreme Court, had this absurd take on the Orlando massacre: “To know that a mass shooting — to know it happened in a place where we as a community go to feel comfortable and be ourselves? I knew there would be a backlash against the strides we’ve made. There’s so much hatred directed toward our community, from candidates, from religious fanatics. I’m not surprised something horrible has happened, but I’m surprised at how horrible it is.”

By religious fanatics, did he mean radical Islamists? Perhaps, but he avoided saying it, choosing instead to lump all those who are opposed to the homosexual lifestyle into one group.

Finally, during a White House Press briefing, Barack Obama was asked, “Is there anything more to the LBGT angle to this?” His response based on his personal agenda is not surprising, but it is sickening: “There are connections between this vicious, bankrupt ideology and general attitudes towards gays and lesbians. And unfortunately, that’s something that the LGBT community is subject to not just by ISIL but by a lot of groups that purport to speak on behalf of God around the world.”

Obama and all of these other activists could not be more wrong. They refuse to acknowledge that Mateen was an Islamic terrorist. They refuse to point out that killing homosexuals is a regular occurrence in many Muslim nations as a matter of “justice.” Has anyone heard the “LBGT community” cry out about this? No, you haven’t and you won’t.

It would do some good if a major news outlet would proclaim that in breaking news, millions of Christians, as well as thousands of bakers and florists, killed no one today despite being verbally beaten into acquiesce by the band of “tolerant” thugs we call the Rainbow Mafia.

Obama and these LGBT activists have an agenda that is clear to those paying attention. They want anyone who dares to say that homosexuality is wrong — especially conservative Christians — to be portrayed as hateful bigots. They want those who speak the truth in love to be silenced.

It is not enough for them to force their wicked lifestyle into the courts, into the law and into the classroom. They don’t simply want us to acknowledge it; they want all Americans regardless of faith to embrace it, to call good what is evil. And as our culture deteriorates, we cannot lose sight of the truth and we cannot lose sight of the fact that without truth there is no Liberty.