The Patriot Post® · Study Suggests Zero Tolerance Makes Zero Sense

By Culture Beat ·

Zero tolerance policies, in theory, are designed to compel good behavior in schools by coming down harshly on the first instance a student brings a weapon to school, or is caught with drugs. According to a new study, those zero-tolerance policies may increase suspension and expulsions but do little to improve students’ overall behavior. The policies have allegedly increased the amount of discipline school administrators impose on black and Hispanic students (in one instance three times the amount of white students), which starts a vicious cycle of more discipline, affecting academic performance and dropout rates. It’s another example of Leftist policies that often have racist results.

“Taken as a whole, the results of this study suggest that zero tolerance laws on the part of states are not an effective mechanism for improving schools,” wrote author of the study F. Chris Curran, who published his findings in the journal Education Evaluation and Policy Analysis. Instead of order, zero tolerance has resulted in administrators cracking down on Star Wars T-shirts and games of tag on the playground. This also has a takeaway for broader society: Governing a community with harsh laws does not ensure order.