The Patriot Post® · The Coronation of Hillary Clinton

By Robin Smith ·

Bickering on the Right manifested itself clearly in the field of 17 GOP presidential contenders. Of course, 16 of these wanna-be-nominees fell to the sensationalism of Donald Trump, who as we highlighted from the beginning personified the anger and betrayal of the American working class. You know, “them.” The ones who’ve had their fill of excuses on illegal immigration, deficit spending and the on-again-off-again repeal of ObamaCare all showered with the lexicon of political correctness that permits a reckless Barack Obama to operate unchallenged.

But let’s point the hot spotlight on the sideshow on the Left that should be center stage.

Imagine the script written for this presidential election for Hillary Rodham Clinton. A woman betrayed by her philandering husband in front of the entire world, yet she stood silent — well, except for slandering her husband’s many accusers. She was elected to the U.S. Senate of one of the most powerful states in our nation, New York, solely on her résumé of having married Bill, and all to prepare for her own presidential bid. In 2008, for a second time, this icon of the feminist Left was upstaged by a smooth-talking, charismatic male who ruined her plan to be the first female president in U.S. history. Accepting a gesture of symbolic unity, this ambitious woman served as secretary of state for four years with the obvious claim laid, once again, to make history in the presidential race.

That script, with a cast of characters that has been on cue with each key element, is being played out in the American Playhouse of Presidential Elections with one exception. An unexpected spoiler, Bernie Sanders, stole the punch lines, showed up with the action scenes and dominated the dialogue.

But the Hillary Clinton Coronation support cast is extensive. Let’s review a couple of key characters.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Democratic National Committee chair, has been on her mark with each and every defense of Hillary and her obstruction of Bernie Sanders. A recently leaked DNC memo completely substantiates Sanders’ claims of a coordinated coronation of Hillary with a full disregard for anything that remotely resembles a true primary challenge. Not that the fix wasn’t painfully evident to anyone paying attention…

There’s been a surprise twist, however, for the faithful Chairman Wasserman Schultz in her sudden role as a scapegoat. The off-script explosion of “The Bern” caught the well-rehearsed troupe off guard. Sanders is all but officially out of the race at this point. But with his voice supported by millions of Democrat primary voters, Wasserman Schultz is now facing blame for the mistreatment of the Sanders camp, despite the otherwise line-by-line performance of the Clinton Coronation script.

Remember those debates set for weekend nights when only agoraphobics were homebound to see? Recall how few times the Democrats took the stage as compared to the Republican battle among more candidates than an entire rugby scrum? All of those little details were written into the screenplay as the underlying purpose of Chairman Wasserman Schultz, simply to rig all to the favor of Hillary.

Being an essential ensemble in the storyline, the national media has been faithful. Providing just enough coverage of Bernie and his socialist band of entitled victims while absolutely skirting Hillary’s status as an accused felon derelict in her duty to her country. Awards await the brilliance of linguistic gymnastics flawlessly executed to create an amnesic fog around the coffin-draped caskets of the innocents who died in Benghazi after both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton refused “that 3 am call” pleading for aid and rescue in the midst of September 11, 2012.

The Clinton Corruption Production Company guaranteed, through careful scripting, that she couldn’t lose the nomination.

The “super delegates” unique to the DNC were not in the cast, but were smartly planted in the American Playhouse audience to secure applause and thunderous support despite the unquestioned frailties of a candidate who could simply not win on her own.

But the backstory giving this production its heft and believability is the unparalleled corruption of big-dollar donations to the Clinton Foundation that yielded access and favoritism to our tax dollars through the State Department and other agencies carefully maneuvered by both Hillary and her charming lead man, Bill. There’s nothing like obtaining power through raw extortion.

Hillary Clinton may be smart. But as the principal performer in this epic presentation, it has taken a multi-million-dollar budget, extensive casting and exhaustive coordination to pull off her stand atop the heap that remains of the Democrat Party.

As the credits roll, let’s not forget a few of the critical stagehands that have made some of Hillary’s survival possible. Those dedicated pleasers of the media, the ever-present-always-adaptable “mavericks” — select members of the Republican incumbency. They fear the criticism of the Leftmedia more than the GOP base, and they have gone above and beyond their duties to ensure the infighting on the Right takes top billing and the ability of Obama to continue to operate unscathed to usher in his third-term successor is unhindered.

Sure, the Republican primary has had its entertainment value. But the award-winning choreography and staging on the Left should be extoled for its rigging of the coronation of Hillary Clinton — the first female nominee for president of the U.S. … and the first felon (whether she’s convicted or not) in our nation’s history.

Just as William Shakespeare declared, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players…” Especially in Democrat politics.