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Brexit Issues Parallel America 2016

A frustrated middle class and an out of touch elite. And national sovereignty.

Robin Smith · Jun. 27, 2016

After last week’s shocking Brexit vote we pondered what that might mean for our own election in November. In other words, could the surprise result of a nationalist public uprising in Great Britain have a counterpart here?

The world is not just angry; voters are mobilized. And the fury serving as the fuel to the reverse course of the status quo is arguably restrained because average voters fear being labeled hateful racist bigots by militant leftists.

The political intelligentsia who were on top of Britain’s Thursday vote to remain or leave the governance of the European Union were gobsmacked by the results. With more than 33 million voters of the more than 46 million registered casting ballots, the message of last week is unmistakable. The working class of the UK was tired of massive welfare spending along with the open borders demanded by the EU governing elites; businesses rallied against the overregulated markets; and the average citizen clearly wants sovereignty and laws honored, not discarded to accommodate a global agenda that serves the well-heeled and financially plumb.

The EU is a mess, and even those campaigning to stay used the slogan “Remain and Reform.” The 28-nation league is composed of about 508 million people speaking 24 distinct languages with none deemed official. Unemployment is barely under 9%. Those 19 nations that have adopted the Euro currency have a GDP to debt ratio of 92.37%.

But why should we in America care? Well, the parallels are unavoidable and serve to inform the civically engaged in these United States.

First, appreciate that the European Union was formed in some ways to replicate the economic scale, political power and global standing of the United States. The EU is first and foremost an economic entity that overrides the elected governments of each nation, much like the strangulation seen as the U.S. federal government chokes the states and their municipalities through mandates, financial extortion and excessive regulation through non-elected agencies.

Second, the United Kingdom is home to the largest city of the EU, London, which is also the world’s leading financial hub ahead of New York City. London, where 60% of voters wanted to “remain and reform” its EU membership, has been showcased as a tale of two economies — those who thrive in heavily regulated, bailed out business markets and those who cannot survive.

After the stunning win for “Brexit,” London policy chairman Mark Boleat said, “London is different from the rest of England. London is a very international city. And, to be fair, London has been thriving, and not all other bits of England have been.”

That should ring familiar. American monetary “easing” (read: printing of money) and taxpayer “bailouts” have most certainly benefited those who work and live in and around Washington, DC, New York City and other financial centers. “Flyover country” has endured and suffered, with the working class now being pressed into a permanent underclass. You know, the geography where ObamaCare has redefined the average work week and status as a full-time salaried employee causing out-of-pocket health costs to skyrocket; where wages are artificially lowered by illegal immigrants working for less than taxpaying citizens; where the able-bodied who stop looking for work are dropped from the labor force and encouraged to enjoy the life of mediocrity as wards of the state.

Likewise, in Europe, those who have imperialistically reigned from Brussels, Belgium — the EU capital — flourish with their titles, and they make their politically correct pronouncements and advocate policies that are purely academic and never realistic.

The Heritage Foundation’s Nile Gardiner smartly summarized the Brexit vote: “The vote for Brexit is a vote for sovereignty and self-determination. Britain will no longer be subject to European legislation, with Britain’s Parliament retaking control. British judges will no longer be overruled by the European Court of Justice, and British businesses will be liberated from mountains of EU regulations, which have undermined economic liberty.”

Again, that sure does sound familiar.

Let’s look at a key word in Gardiner’s statement: “Sovereignty.” To those of the EU, there are no lines of national independence or patriotism. There are no borders or nationalities. There is no common language.

What’s been the promise of the Republican Party for years? What issue has been the nuclear core of fissile energy driving Donald Trump, a political novice, past 16 candidates who’ve spent their entire lives being groomed for a presidential run?

While the militant Left derides it as “nativism,” the reality is Americans want to live in America, honor the laws of America, speak English, fight for America against our enemies foreign and domestic, and lead the global community as the greatest nation in the world.

Does the Brexit vote have relevance in the American political arena? Yes, indeed. Two-hundred-forty years after America stood boldly to proclaim her independence from heavy-handed, imperialistic rule now characteristic of the Obama-Clinton Left, the working class is fed up and fueled with power of the consent of the governed.

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