The Patriot Post® · Clinton Corruption Continued

By Nate Jackson ·

So Bill Clinton met Attorney General Loretta Lynch privately Monday when the pair spent 30 minutes aboard an airplane on the tarmac in Phoenix. Why does that matter?

Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democrat nominee, is still under investigation by the FBI over her private email server. She almost certainly broke federal law regarding the handling of classified material. The FBI is under the direction of the Justice Department, which is headed by Lynch, who was chosen by Barack Obama. Lynch will ultimately decide whether any FBI recommendation of indictment against Clinton actually goes anywhere.

Oh, that’s why it matters.

Will FBI Director James Comey conclude Clinton broke the law and recommend an indictment? Will Lynch take that recommendation and actually press charges? Will Clinton step or be pushed aside in favor of Joe Biden? We suppose the answers to those questions depend in some measure on how well Bill schmoozed Loretta aboard that plane.

Lynch says the meeting was “primarily social” and topics included his grandchildren, travel and golf, not the investigation or any other government business. Give us a break. The attorney general just happened to have an unscheduled private meeting with the spouse of an FBI target who wants to succeed the AG’s boss and we’re supposed to believe that never came up.

Such corruption is par for the course with the Clintons. Newly uncovered emails reveal that Clinton’s campaign communicated with her buddy and Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe on his plan to grant voting rights to 200,000 felons in time to turn Virginia blue this November. He was working with other leftist groups, too, not state election officials. But we’re sure that’s all just as much a coincidence as Bill’s chance meeting with Lynch.