The Patriot Post® · A Texas-Sized Voter ID Problem

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Yesterday, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Texas’s voter ID law discriminates against minority voters. The court didn’t strike down the law entirely, however, instead sending it back to a lower court, ordering changes before the coming November elections.

Currently 33 states have some form of voter ID laws. Of these states, nine have a strict photo ID requirement. Not surprisingly, many of the states with no form of voter ID laws — like California, New York and Massachusetts — are not only Democrat controlled but are some of the most liberal in the nation.

The concern that Texas and many other states have is the very real problem of voter fraud, which has grown in part as a result of the unabated flow of illegal immigrants over America’s porous borders. Since the current administration has refused to enforce our nation’s immigration laws, many state governments have responded by enacting voter ID laws as a means of protecting their citizens.

Democrats like to repeat the mantra that they fear minority voters not being allowed to vote. In reality, Democrats are making a play for minority votes, all while sacrificing the integrity of the nation’s electoral process. Why? Democrats don’t think it’s a bad thing if illegal immigrants or felons (thanks to Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe) vote, so long as it keeps Democrats in power.