The Patriot Post® · Donkeys Divided

By Paul Albaugh ·

The Democrat National Convention is underway and leftists are working overtime to forge a unified front — this time to take on Donald Trump. It appears, however, that doing so this year will be harder than most. For all of their hype leading up to this week, there is no shortage of dissatisfaction with Hillary Clinton — or the Democrat Party itself.

The convention began with no visible American flags and the crowd booing during the opening prayer. There’s Democrat unity for you.

We have already seen the dysfunction of Democrats at work with the weekend revelations of 20,000 DNC emails. Many of those were sent from key Democrat leaders strategizing on how to undermine Bernie Sanders and sway the primary result in favor of Clinton. Of course, Democrats will pass this off as another “what difference does it make” moment. And the rhetoric coming from convention speakers will be geared toward convincing Americans that Clinton should receive the torch from Barack Obama to carry out his transformation of America.

But at this point, several well-known Democrats are having none of it. Al Gore for instance, who is a longtime “friend” of the Clintons and is a global warming alarmist extraordinaire announced that he will be unable to attend the convention due to “obligations in Tennessee.” That’s interesting because the convention has been on the calendar for four years. Furthermore, what obligations could Gore possibly have to miss all four days of the DNC? Perhaps he didn’t want to emit all of those carbon emissions from his private jet to get from Nashville to Philadelphia. Right…

Instead, Gore will reportedly make his formal endorsement of Clinton toward the end of the convention, but from a distance.

Much was made of missing Republicans at last week’s GOP convention, but Gore’s absence is significant. He was Bill’s vice president — how could he miss Hillary’s coronation?

Bernie Sanders, who addressed the delegates ahead of the convention, attempted to rally his supporters to unify for Hillary. “Brothers and sisters, this is the real world that we live in,” Sanders said. He was drowned out by loud boos from the crowd of delegates. He then tried to turn the conversation toward Trump, whom he claims has “insulted women and Africans.” But that didn’t work either as the crowd grew even more rowdy and started a pro-Bernie chant.

Almost every mention of Clinton’s name was reportedly met with chants of Bernie! Bernie! Bernie! Talk about awkward. Here you have the Democrat Convention to nominate Clinton and the crowd is cheering for Bernie. We suppose that if Clinton didn’t “feel the Bern” during the primaries, then she does now.

For all of signs of disunity at the Republican Convention, the Democrats have started out worse. Cruz may have been booed at the RNC for not endorsing Trump, but there weren’t other people chanting his name — and Sanders was booed for the opposite reason.

Then there is disgraced outgoing DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was booed by her own delegation despite her attempt to appease the crowd by handing the gavel to Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake — all to appease Black Lives Matter. It’s unclear whether the boos were directed toward Schultz because of her involvement with emails undermining Sanders, or if they were directed toward the Baltimore mayor, who is best known for inciting race riots over a criminal’s death. Ok, we kid — it was completely clear.

As for the DNC emails, the FBI is investigating the hack. While that investigation is underway and information is limited, Democrats are pointing fingers at Russia for “helping Republicans.” At least that is the political theory that Hillary “Russian Reset” Clinton wants everyone to believe.

One irony of the claims against Russia shouldn’t be lost. Clinton boasting of her “reset” only to complain about political interference is rich enough, but consider that Obama sent money and personnel to Israel last year in an effort to help defeat Benjamin Netanyahu — an actual ally. Obama also tried to influence the Brexit vote. Besides, remember Obama’s line about “more flexibility” in advance of the 2012 election? The Russians would love to extend the Obama presidency.

There is a lot of disunity among Democrats — many of their voters are disenfranchised by their party “leaders” and many of the party members are completely dissatisfied that Clinton is going to be the nominee. Clinton is well aware of this, so a deflection from reality is her remedy. Come to think of it, “Deflection From Reality” pretty much describes the entire party.