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Clinton Compromised

The continued hacking of her email has compromised her as a presidential nominee.

National Security Desk · Aug. 1, 2016

WikiLeaks is poised to release yet another trove of hacked Hillary Clinton emails, this latest round Julian Assange says will reveal new information on the Clinton Foundation. To date, what is known to have been hacked are the DNC and Clinton’s campaign computers. What should also be assumed to have been hacked is Hillary’s private server during her days as secretary of state. It’s a good bet that the Russians, Chinese, Iranians and other nefarious groups and individuals have accessed U.S. State Department secrets and possibly much more.

The Clinton campaign has tried to use the news of these attacks to suggest that the Russians are seeking to influence the outcome of the election in favor of Donald Trump. This line of argument, however, deliberately obscures the more pressing and significant issue. The fact is, Clinton is compromised. She is currently in a position where no previous American presidential candidate has been.

Recall just last month, House Speaker Paul Ryan called for Clinton to be prevent from receiving intelligence briefings due to her illegal use of a personal private server and mishandling of classified information as secretary of state. This week both Clinton and Donald Trump will receive their first intelligence briefings as presidential nominees. In light of the continued hackings of the DNC and Clinton campaign computers, would it not be in the best interest of the nation to prevent Clinton from receiving these briefings, for the sake of national security?

If Hillary were to win the election, just how much influence would these other nations and leaders, such as Vladimir Putin, hold over her? The worst case scenario is that of blackmail. Clinton would be pushed by these other nations to act in a manner that could compromise our national interests and possibly our national security. The president is to be beholden to no one but the American people as espoused in the Constitution, not to some foreign power’s interests. And this is where Clinton is dangerously compromised.

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