The Patriot Post® · Oregon: Tax the 99% to Feed Unions

By Political Editors ·

One would think that students have stopped reading “Animal Farm” in school, the way so few Americans seem to notice the fact that the “pigs” are further entrenching themselves into the halls of power. Too many Americans’ minds have become polluted by that Marxian ethic of social justice via wealth redistribution, that they cannot see one of the greatest causes of economic oppression is the government with its social welfare programs.

Last week in the state of Oregon, Governor Kate Brown endorsed a referendum to impose a 2.5% tax on corporate sales exceeding $25 million. This tax would be added on top of the nation’s second highest top income tax rate, which currently stands at 9.9% for those making at least $125,000. Why the need for this new tax? The answer is the public sector unions. Leftists argue that the tax is needed to cover increases in union workers’ pay, health care premiums and pension costs. These costs are expected to increase by 150% to $4.5 billion by the year 2021.

Essentially, this new tax would be paid by 99% of Oregonians, not just corporations. That’s because any tax levied onto a corporation is naturally going to flow down to consumers and employees as businesses seek to secure their revenue by both raising prices and laying off workers. Economics 101. That type of basic economic math just does not fit into the Left’s social justice paradigm when all they see is income inequality. But at least the government ruling class can pat themselves on the back and congratulate each other for “solving” the problems of social inequality. Because remember: Everyone is “equal, but some … are more equal than others.”