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The 'Reset' Button Keeps on Giving

Russia is renewing aggression. It must be an election year.

Robin Smith · Aug. 15, 2016

Remember that red “reset” button that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton awkwardly presented in March 2009 to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to encourage a fresh start to Russian relations with America? Hillary presented the small toy-like device in a green box with the word “peregruzka” imprinted on it. Her staffers needed the word “perezagruzka,” which means “reset.” Instead, the button translated “overcharged.” Lavrov had no idea how well that word translated truly represented Hillary’s State Department of the Clinton Foundation, but he had the last laugh.

Right now, Clinton would love to have a legitimate reset button that she could press to make much of her interactions with Russia disappear.

But why the reset button in the first place? It must be part of the autumnal equinox of Russia that you stir up strife militarily and politically in the late summer and fall of even-numbered years.

In August 2008, Russia invaded the Republic of Georgia. George W. Bush had less than 90 days remaining in office, and was weakened considerably by domestic concerns. Eight years ago, Putin formed military alliances with separatists within Georgia and began amassing troops for an invasion. Soon, Barack Obama, thinking his administration’s charms and marketing dominance would overtake the Bear of Russia, sent Hillary with a symbolic gesture guaranteed to dazzle the world with their brand of “smart power.”

But if this Russian aggression sounds vaguely familiar, you’re remembering Putin’s winning formula of communist overreach of 2014 when Russian military advances were reported by the Ukrainian government in the eastern part of the independent country and within its Crimean Peninsula. Yep, that also involved military resources supplied by Russia to separatists within a neighboring country. As early as February 2014, Russian military vehicles were reported as crossing into Ukrainian territory followed by pro-Russian separatists shooting down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in July, killing almost 300.

That 2014 invasion was lovingly termed as the “annexation” of these key geographies that coincidentally lead to major routes of transport by land and sea for oil and military supplies of vital interest to Russia.

So, right on cue, it’s August of an election year, and Russia is announcing war games in the Black Sea as Putin accuses the president of Ukraine of provoking conflict. Specifically, according to Reuters, the Russian president has “pledged to take counter-measures against Ukraine, which he accused of sending saboteurs into Crimea to carry out terrorist acts.”

There’s a twist in this election for the ages. As Mitt Romney rightly predicted but Obama and CNN Presstitute Candy Crawley during the 2012 debate got wrong, Russia is hungry to return to military prowess with its reputation being the one feared by all global powers. Over the last few years, Russia has been very provocative by flying military jets right over our naval ships and entering airspace of the United Kingdom for no purpose but to demonstrate its presence. Russia has appeared to have taken the lead in destroying the Islamic State in attempts to stabilize Syria, but in reality, Putin is merely saving his vassal, Bashar al-Assad, by striking all opposed to that regime.

Meanwhile, the recent hacking scandals that now encompass so much more than the bathroom-closet server in the Clinton’s NY home are creating a vortex of political physics that originates with Russia.

Reports point back to April of this year that the Democratic National Committee had hired digital consultants who found Russia’s hacking that dated back about a year and closed its cyber access in June. The DNC, through WikiLeaks, has been exposed as the vehicle for Hillary’s guaranteed nomination, with several top leaders including former Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz fired due to the obvious rigging to eliminate Bernie Sanders.

Just Friday, the hacker known as “Guccifer 2.0” published hundreds of cell phone numbers and private information for Democrats in Congress, which joins hundreds of internal files on Hillary leaked from the DNC and donor names and data to the same.

Russia has unspeakable leverage over Hillary Clinton through the DNC, but also through other documents that exist but are successfully being camouflaged by the Presstitutes of the complicit media. Take the $2.35 million in undisclosed donations to the Clinton Foundation by Ian Telfer, the ex-head of the Russian uranium company, UraniumOne, made while Secretary of State Clinton was negotiating the sale of American Uranium to our geopolitical foe. As the Obama administration was approving this deal that involved Russia buying 20% of the Canadian company, nine shareholders in UraniumOne just happened to provide over $145 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Putin not only likely possesses all he needs to control Clinton should she be elected to serve Obama’s third term, but his instincts and assessments all provide the conclusion he seeks: America is not to be feared and is weak; Europe is dysfunctional without a military prepared to respond.

Who does Russia want in the White House? Without a doubt, Hillary Clinton has been corruptible already and Putin does not believe it to be an “overcharge” to pay-to-play.

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