The Patriot Post® · Hillary's Generous Donation to Herself

In a typical Friday afternoon news dump, Hillary Clinton released her 2015 tax return. As for income, Hillary herself hauled in $1,475,000 in speaking fees, while Bill netted $5,250,000. There was much fanfare in the Leftmedia over the fact that she gave over $1 million of her income to charity. But what about the details of that charitable giving? As usual with the Leftmedia, those details simply don’t matter when it comes to Clinton — it’s that fact that she gave so much to “charity” that counts. What charity? Well, virtually all of it went to the Clinton Foundation. Yes, Clinton donated to her own foundation, a foundation that exists solely for the purpose of propping up the Clinton political brand. In other words, Clinton has been paying Bill’s salary and buying political capital through her foundation.

Couple her “charitable” giving with the recent emails released from Judicial Watch, which strongly indicate that Hillary moonlighted for her foundation while she was secretary of state, and the picture becomes clearer of a woman who has for years been actively organizing and manipulating the system for her own political aims.

Not only have the Clintons donated to their own foundation, but companies that already paid lucrative speaking fees to the Clintons also donated to the foundation. Douglas Becker is CEO of Laureate Education, a for-profit university, which is a major donor to the Clinton Foundation. This past year Laureate paid Bill over $1 million in speaking fees, and that’s just the latest in an annual haul for Bill from Laureate. This same Douglas Becker also heads a non-profit called the International Youth Foundation, which received millions from USAID in 2010. USAID is a wing of the State Department. And Americans are expected to believe that Hillary Clinton had no connection to the Clinton Foundation while she served as secretary of state. Yeah, right.