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Thursday Short Cuts

Publius · Aug. 18, 2016

Insight: “Suppression of expression conceals the real problems confronting a society and diverts public attention from the critical issues. It is likely to result in neglect of the grievances which are the actual basis of the unrest, and this prevent their correction.” —Thomas I. Emerson (1907-1991)

Upright: “At 13 percent of the population, blacks commit nearly half of the nation’s homicides, and almost always the victim is black. Old people tend not to kill. Nor do women and the very young. This means 3 percent of the population, black men from 15 to 44 years old, commit nearly half of the country’s homicides. … Cable news reporters seem oblivious to rates of offending. It’s as if they believe that at 13 percent of the population, blacks should commit 13 percent of the crime — or ‘institutional racism’ must be at play. This is as silly as assuming that since non-Hispanic whites are 62 percent of the population, they should comprise 62 percent of the NBA.” —Larry Elder

Non Compos Mentis: “I take that supposed inconsistency to be somebody who has been operating at a really high level and now has to be forced to remember things from two or three years ago.” —former State Department spokesperson Nayyera Haq on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal (“The problem with lying is that you have to continue lying and you have to remember what all your lies have been so you can keep your lies straight.” —Larry O'Connor)

Belly Laugh of the Week: “I don’t want excuses. I’m a kind of no-excuse person.” —Hillary Clinton

And last… “Donald Trump received his first classified briefing [yesterday] and immediately learned that the biggest threat to America is Hillary.” —@weknowwhatsbest

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