The Patriot Post® · When Democrats Violate Social Standards

By Political Editors ·

On Wednesday, we wrote about Donald Trump’s impassioned speech highlighting the growing problem of poverty and violence rampant in many inner city black communities today. We noted what we often do for context: The problems in the inner city today go all the way back to Lyndon B. Johnson and his “Great Society” programs. At the time of their passage, Democrats hailed these programs as a step toward raising blacks out of poverty. But their motives were not so altruistic.

That’s when things ran afoul of the politically correct police. We quoted an authenticated LBJ remark, in which he said of the Civil Rights Act, “I’ll have those [racial slur redacted] voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”

Our original post with the image below included the quote, and listed other instances of LBJ’s racial slurs. (You can find that post, titled “The Not So Great Society,” here.) But the progressive censors at Facebook threw the post down the memory hole, insisting that an authentic and historically significant quote from a U.S. president “doesn’t follow the Facebook Community Standards.” We most certainly agree that the slur Johnson used is vulgar and unacceptable. The point was to shed light on his crude, cynical and prophetic prediction about the long-term allegiance of black voters, and that today’s Democrats still believe it, even if their language is different.