The Patriot Post® · No Need for Clinton Foundation if Hillary Wins?

By Political Editors ·

In an announcement that should come as a shock to no one, the Clinton Foundation declared that if Hillary were to be elected president, then she, Bill and Chelsea would no longer work with the family’s foundation, and that they would also no longer accept corporate or foreign donations. Arguably, the Clinton Foundation’s primary purpose was as a means of funding and promoting Hillary’s run for the White House — a bridge between two Clinton presidencies. Obviously, if she were to win, the only remaining use for the foundation would be in seeking continued financial gain. Why not disband the foundation altogether? Simply put, the Clintons still have a network of close friends who need jobs. Call it a personal stimulus.

But the idea that the Clinton Foundation would have no more connection to or influence from Hillary is laughable. Back in 2009, when Hillary became secretary of state, she stated, “For the duration of my appointment as Secretary if I am confirmed, I will not participate personally and substantially in any particular matter involving specific parties in which The William J. Clinton Foundation (or the Clinton Global Initiative) is a party or represents a party.” Then the recent release of emails from the hacking of the Clinton Foundation expose the fact that Hillary’s advisers from both the State Department and the foundation colluded. Now with news that the FBI may be looking into the foundation during Hillary’s tenure as secretary of state and with Clinton leading in the national polls, it’s a convenient time for the foundation to proclaim it’s further distancing itself from her.

Once again, the Leftmedia will simply commend the announcement and move on as if there is nothing of consequence or potential corruption. No need to investigate further.