The Patriot Post® · WVU Says No He or She, Use Ve

By Thomas Gallatin ·

If he’s to be a she and she’s to be a he and it’s they who told you he’s a she who we know to be a he, then when is it right to call he a he and she a she? This is the insane conundrum that incoming students at the University of West Virginia will be having to navigate this year as the university has guaranteed students have “the right be called by the name and pronouns consistent with your gender identity.” Who would have known that pronouns had become so sexist?

The move is reminiscent of the University of Tennessee’s similar directive last year. WVU is basing its latest leftist thought control efforts on the Obama administration’s redefinition of the Title IX prohibition of discrimination on the basis of sex. To make it “easier” on students seeking to make this transition in their vocabulary, the university has come up with a guide of “Proper pronoun usage” that swaps out the gender bound pronouns for those who are “non-gendered,” such as “ve”, “ver” and “vis.” The guide also includes this advice, “Some people may not want a lot of public attention to their pronouns, while others will appreciate you standing up for them. If someone uses the wrong pronoun for a person who isn’t present, try a brief correction.”

Why is WVU making this downright ridiculous appeal to its students? Well, it may be more than merely the fanciful desires of a bunch of leftist educators. You see, Obama’s directive on the redefinition of sex in regards to Title IX also contained this ominous warning: “The Departments have resolved Title IX investigations with agreements committing that school staff and contractors will use pronouns and names consistent with a transgender student’s gender identity.” Well, if a school wants to keep its funding, it better toe the line.

In other news, Princeton has banned the word “man.” So there’s that…