The Patriot Post® · George Soros the No-Borders Globalist

By Thomas Gallatin ·

The recent release by DCLeaks of hacked emails from billionaire financier George Soros’ Open Society Foundations (OSF) paints a picture of a man with little regard for the sovereignty of nations, and a man who actively promotes open borders as a means to manipulate political scenes the world over, like a kid playing a game of Risk. With Europe struggling with the migration crisis, Soros’ foundations have sensed opportunities to “shape conversations about rethinking migration governance.” Soros himself wants to make it easier to admit migrants into Europe. In fact, he has encouraged the EU to admit at least 300,000 migrants annually and called for allocating at least 30 billion euros a year to the asylum plan.

But what does Soros gain from pushing for such an open borders plan? The globalists of today, like George Soros, are akin to the imperialists of the past. They view individual nations as commodities to be possessed and directed for their own profit and global aims, therefore national sovereignty and firm borders are hindrances they seek to remove. Soros’ globalist/imperialist motives are exposed in his organizations’ behind-the-scenes activity in Ukraine, where he has sought to manipulate both the EU and the U.S. Federal Reserve to financially prop up the Ukrainian government. Of course, his Ukrainian Redevelopment Fund would stand to profit handsomely from a stabilized Ukraine. But Soros is not a supporter of a sovereign Ukraine, as he has talked of Ukraine being yet another location in which to funnel more refugees from the European migration crisis. Soros sees Ukraine as merely another game piece best to be used according to how he and his globalist friends see fit.