The Patriot Post® · Hillary's Email Deletion Proves Good for Business

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Hillary Clinton and her nefarious ways have proved to be good for business — at least that’s what BleachBit has discovered. Last week, it was revealed by Rep. Trey Gowdy that Hillary had used software called BleachBit to thoroughly delete files on her private email servers. Gowdy’s comment that her emails had been deleted so that “even God couldn’t read them” prompted the company to proclaim on its website, “BleachBit stifles investigation of Hillary Clinton.” BleachBit’s servers have received a spike in web traffic and downloads since the story broke. What better advertising could they ask for?

Maybe it shouldn’t, but it does continue to amaze just how little the Leftmedia cares about Hillary’s devious, scandalous and criminal behavior, which seems to only get worse by the day. That said, ABC did run a story about more evidence of Clinton’s pay-to-play corruption via the Clinton Foundation. The network discovered more emails proving meetings were set up for donors, though, again, it’s going to be tough to disprove the Clinton campaign’s claim that “no favors” were given as a result of donations. In any case, such things are handled by “cutouts” to keep Hillary’s own hands clean. Clinton’s actions and reactions regarding her server and Clinton Foundation scandals make Nixon’s Water Gate look like mere kids play by comparison. And she’s not holding any more press conferences to avoid even the softball questions she’d inevitably receive.