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Surprise! Clinton Benghazi Emails Unearthed

30 newly discovered emails catch Hillary in yet another lie.

Thomas Gallatin · Aug. 31, 2016

New shocking — ok, not so shocking — information has come to light that at least 30 emails recovered from Hillary Clinton’s private email system have connections to Benghazi. This is news in that Hillary had previously claimed in congressional testimony that none of the emails on her servers contained classified information, which after the FBI’s investigation proved to be a lie. She had also stated that none of the emails she deleted contained information on Benghazi, which is also evidentially proving to be a lie as well.

These 30 emails were part of 15,000 that the FBI was able to pull from her private servers — these are not part the 30,000 emails Clinton turned over in late 2014 to the State Department, claiming at the time that these were the only emails that contained work-related material. This is important in that it establishes yet another specific instance of Hillary lying. The State Department has asked Judge Amit Mehta for another 30 days to review these emails before making them public, which seems to be yet another stalling tactic. Judge Mehta has given the State Department a week to explain why they need 30 days to review such a small number of emails.

It is not known if there is any information contained in these emails that will shed any more light into the whole Benghazi scandal. However, the fact remains that Clinton’s attempt to hide these specific emails and lie about it reinforces that her explanation on the whole Benghazi fiasco is simply not trustworthy.

In a separate, and yet related issue, Hillary must submit within 30 days her answers to 25 questions explaining her reasons for setting up a private server. Her answers to these questions will be viewed by the court as sworn testimony. It will be interesting to hear how she answers in a more serious legal context, as opposed to how she handled her congressional testimony. Will she contradict her testimony, or the FBI’s findings?

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