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Your Tax Dollars Paid for Hillary's Server

The Clintons used GSA funding meant for former presidents.

Political Editors · Sep. 1, 2016

Remember when Hillary Clinton declared she and Bill were “dead broke” when they left the White House? That statement was ridiculous in 2014 and is even more so now. Since the time of Harry Truman, no president upon leaving the White House need worry about trying to make ends meet. The passage of the Former President’s Act in 1958 ensures that our nation’s past presidents would have all the funds they needed for pensions, correspondence, support staff and travel. The Act authorizes the General Services Administration (GSA) to provide the funding.

Not surprisingly, those grifting Clintons have taken full advantage of this Act, to the tune $16 million since 2001. The Clintons continued to pull from this fund even as they were growing rich via their various speaking engagements and building their $2 billion Clinton Foundation. The Clintons used the GSA-provided funding to pay staff salaries and federal benefits, effectively treating the fund as their own personal cash cow.

Technically, this is all legal, but Politico recently unearthed an interesting discovery regarding a member of Bill Clinton’s staff. It reported that “longtime Bill Clinton aide Justin Cooper, who despite not having a security clearance, any apparent training in cybersecurity or a job at the State Department, in early 2009 helped set up the private email account that Hillary Clinton would use to send and receive classified information as secretary of state.” Not only did Cooper set up Hillary’s infamous private email system, but it was American tax dollars that helped to pay for it. That right, folks; we taxpayers helped fund this lawlessness. It appears that Slick Willie has nothing on Slick Hillie.


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