The Patriot Post® · State Dept. Dragging Its Feet on Clinton Email

By Political Editors ·

Once again the State Department got a dressing down by a federal judge, this time by U.S. District Judge Richard Leon who said the agency was not “being all that cooperative.” He warned that it needed to “get with the program, so to speak, so that the people of this country can have the information they need. The State Department needs to start cooperating to the fullest extent possible. They are not perceived to be doing that.”

Monday’s courtroom drama relates yet again to Hillary Clinton’s emails. The Daily Caller News Foundation brought the case seeking 450 documents related to Clinton’s access to top secret programs. This case is one of several pending cases that are seeking information allowed under the Freedom of Information Act. The State Department has seemingly been dragging its feet in complying with requests, which sparked Judge Leon’s ire. Leon continued by scolding the Justice Department for how it has handled the State Department, saying, “You have a client that, to say the least, is not impressing the judges on this court … at being all that cooperative. This way of doing business needs to stop.”

Hopefully, this judge’s warning will trigger greater compliance with the court’s demands. However, don’t bet on the current State Department’s operational method of slow motion with regard to Hillary to change anytime soon.