The Patriot Post® · 'Hillary Coverup Operation'

By Thomas Gallatin ·

In March 2015, not long after news first broke of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server while serving as secretary of state, Barack Obama was asked in an interview when he first learned of her practice. Obama responded, “Uh, the same time everybody else learned it — through news reports.” Last October, Obama answered another interview question — “Did you know about Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server?” — with a terse, “No.” Fast forward to the latest Friday afternoon news dump. The FBI released another 189 pages of Clinton investigation notes, which reveal that during Hillary’s time as secretary of state Obama had emailed her private account under a pseudonym. Clearly, Obama’s earlier assertions of ignorance were blatant lies. He not only knew, but covered up his knowledge at the time — or at least tried to keep his own hands clean.

Speaking of cover-ups, also contained within the FBI notes released on Friday was a reference made by an IT contractor managing Clinton’s private server, who labeled a work ticket “Hillary coverup operation.” If that doesn’t perfectly sum up the whole fiasco, we don’t know what does. When CNN’s Jake Tapper questioned Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook about this damning reference, Mook deflected by stating that the FBI had cleared Hillary of any wrongdoing. When pressed, Mook turned and blamed Republicans for “selectively leaking information.” A strange response given that it was the FBI that released this information late on a Friday afternoon.

On a final note, we also learned that the Justice Department granted immunity deals to three of Clinton’s closest advisers in exchange for information. The question is, why were immunity deals needed if the FBI concluded that no criminal activity occurred? Logically, one would assume that if immunity were offered to someone, it would have been needed in order to prosecute someone else of an even greater crime. Yet Clinton walked.

This all is smelling like a much larger cover-up that may now even have connections to the White House. The tech company, the attorney general, the FBI director and the president were all complicit in covering for Clinton. “Hillary coverup operation,” indeed.