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Hillary Is Commander in Chief in the True War on Women

Her smear on Trump pales in comparison to Bill's record.

Louis DeBroux · Oct. 5, 2016

In the waning minutes of the first presidential debate, Hillary Clinton attempted to ambush Donald Trump by trotting out a two decade-old incident involving Trump and former Miss Universe Alicia Machado. It worked, but it shouldn’t have.

As the issue of the horrible Iranian nuclear deal was being discussed, Hillary made an awkward segue when she interrupted moderator Lester Holt so she could make a point about Trump’s history with women. She ranted, “But this is a man who has called women pigs, slobs and dogs, and someone who has said pregnancy is an inconvenience to employers, who has said women don’t deserve equal pay unless they do as good a job as men. … And one of the worst things he said was about a woman in a beauty contest … he called this woman ‘Miss Piggy.’ Then he called her ‘Miss Housekeeping.’”

In the aftermath of the debate, this exchange became the focus for both Trump and the media, who used it as a bludgeon against Trump, accusing him of being sexist, misogynistic, boorish and a bully. However, the tables were quickly turned when the bizarre history of the pageant winner saw the light of day. Machado, it seems, has a violent, troubled past. She was accused of being the get-away driver for her boyfriend, who murdered his brother-in-law at the funeral of his deceased wife. Though there was not sufficient evidence to convict her, neither has she denied being involved.

When asked about it recently in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, she deflected the question by saying “I’m not a saint girl” and pointing out that the incident “happened 20 years ago” — not much of a denial. Machado, besides being an alleged accomplice in the murder, reportedly threatened to kill the Venezuelan judge who indicted her boyfriend. She was also identified as the mistress of a Mexican drug lord by a witness who was then placed in witness protection but later killed in Mexico City.

All that makes the fact that she posed nude for Playboy and had sex live on a Spanish-language reality show seem downright boring by comparison. Though Hillary claims Trump was mistreating Machado, it seems Trump was actually trying to save her job.

Trump’s history with women is, to be sure, not good. On the one hand, he is an admitted (and proud) adulterer who has made countless rude, crass statements to and about a number of women, from leftist comedienne Rosie O'Donnell to Fox News star Megyn Kelly. On the other hand, he also has a long history of hiring women at his companies and elevating them to positions of power (unlike Clinton, who paid women working in her Senate office 28% less than she paid men).

What is missing in this sensational, salacious equation is any balance in reporting by the media, and any mea culpas by the Democrats.

How can progressives, Democrats, the media, and feminists feign outrage at Trump’s treatment of women while supporting Hillary Clinton and other powerful Democrats, who have a far more damning history of abusing and mistreating women?

So, we ask of those who condemn Trump while defending Hillary…

Where is your outrage at Hillary, who has spent more than three decades defending and enabling the serial rapes and sexual assaults of her husband Bill? Where is the outrage over the fact that Hillary personally engaged in the cover-up or character assassination of the victims following the rapes or sexual assaults of Juanita Broaddrick, Dolly Kyle, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Eileen Wellstone, Carolyn Moffet, Sandra Allen James and Christy Zercher?

Where is your outrage over Bill’s adulterous affairs with Gennifer Flowers, Elizabeth Ward Gracen, and other women?

Where is your outrage at Hillary who, chillingly, is on tape laughing about how she convincingly portrayed a 12-year-old girl as a pre-teen slut obsessed with older men, all so that she could keep a child rapist out of jail?

Where is your outrage at Bill Clinton, who on multiple occasions ditched his Secret Service detail so he could join his convicted pedophile billionaire buddy Jeffrey Epstein on the “Lolita Express,” his private jet that took him to countries that allowed him to have sex with underage girls? Did Bill join in on these rapes of little girls? Are you even curious?

Where is your outrage at Anthony Weiner, soon-to-be ex-husband of Hillary confidante Huma Abedin, who was recently busted again texting pictures of his genitalia, including to under-aged girls.

Where is your outrage at Richard Keenan, the Democrat mayor of a small Ohio town, who repeatedly raped a four-year-old over a two-year period? This sick bastard claimed the little girl was a “willing participant”! Where is your condemnation of this man? Where is Hillary’s?

Where is your outrage at Obama fundraiser and gay rights activist Terry Bean, who raped a 15-year-old boy and then made the charges quietly disappear with a $200,000 settlement? Where is Hillary’s condemnation?

Where is your outrage at Hillary for accepting huge chunks of money from Saudi Arabia and other nations where women are abused and mistreated, and where they can be beaten for being in public without a male relative, or be stoned to death for the “crime” of being raped, or committing adultery.

If you want to rid the world of misogynistic rapists, adulterers and sexual assaulters, you’ve got your hands full just working on cleaning house within your own party.

One thing is for sure. Hillary does have experience as commander in chief in the true war on women. She has led the assault on victims while defending her flank against those who would expose her for her hateful, callous treatment of women who have suffered enough.

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