Friday Short Cuts

Publius · Oct. 7, 2016

Upright: “Only amid the most bizarre, most tawdry, most addictive election campaign in memory could the real story of 2016 be so effectively obliterated, namely, that with just four months left in the Obama presidency, its two central pillars are collapsing before our eyes: domestically, its radical reform of American health care, aka Obamacare; and abroad, its radical reorientation of American foreign policy — disengagement marked by diplomacy and multilateralism.” —Charles Krauthammer

Confessions: “I strongly supported [ObamaCare]. … But there are problems with it. And everybody knows it.” —Bill Clinton

For the record: “Well, sometimes with the Clintons, even the truth happens. … Bill Clinton said what millions of Americans have known for years, and that is we need to repeal ObamaCare lock, stock, and barrel.” —Mike Pence

Corruption exposed: “[T]he FBI’s cover-up [of Clinton’s email], far from being a trifling favor paid to a political patron, turns out to be part of a much bigger cover-up of the numerous corrupt linkages between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation. If so, this is criminality on a massive scale, dwarfing even Watergate.” —Investor’s Business Daily

Non Compos Mentis: “[I]t’s very interesting that this [Paris Climate Agreement news] is happening on a day when there’s a hurricane bearing down on the United States and in the Caribbean because these severe storms, beach erosions, intense weather episodes that we’ve had is perhaps the most practical sample of what the president was talking about as the threat that the planet faces and this is what this whole climate agreement signed by 190 nations and now ratified by 60 or so is designed to stop.” —NBC’s Ron Allen

Braying Jackass: “There’s already some interesting work — not definitive, but powerful — showing that droughts that happened in Syria contributed to the unrest and the Syrian civil war.” —Barack Obama

And last… “Are you late for work? Did you forget someone’s birthday? Blame global warming! Everyone else is. Severe acne, bad beer, crumbling gingerbread houses — you name it! These are just some of the things scientists are pinning on what they claim is a man-made climate crisis. Only now, it isn’t just scientists. It’s the president too.” —Tony Perkins

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