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Clinton Foundation Hurricane Hits Haiti

The Clintons used 2010 post-earthquake aid to recruit henchmen.

Jordan Candler · Oct. 12, 2016

After a debilitating earthquake rattled Haiti in 2010, the Clintons offered to chip in by utilizing their foundation for monetary aid. But what ensued was arguably just as debilitating and certainly more gut-wrenching to the suffering Haitians. The Clintons maintain that accusations of pay-to-play is nothing more than a vast right-wing conspiracy. Why, then, does the evidence continue to strongly imply just the opposite?

ABC News this week published an investigative piece on Haiti and how some contributors turned into Clinton henchmen. For example, a garment factory associated with Old Navy that was erected after the earthquake is floundering today. But it gets worse: “[A]n ABC News investigation has found that after opening its factory in the Haitian industrial park — built with $400 million of global aid — the Korean firm became a Clinton Foundation donor and its owner invested in a startup company owned by Hillary Clinton’s former chief of staff.” That would be Cheryl Mills.

According to Center for Economic and Policy Research’s Jake Johnston, “Contributors to the Clinton Foundation benefited from the relief effort in Haiti writ large. The evidence indicates that those who were contributing to the Clinton Foundation and active in Haiti were certainly a part of that reconstruction process.”

Sadly, the story doesn’t end there. Democrats give Donald Trump a lot of grief for building extravagant hotels, but consider this: “[T]he Clinton Foundation says it ‘facilitated’ the construction of a luxury hotel in Port-au-Prince, a Marriott owned by Denis O'Brien, who has given $10 million to $25 million to the Clinton Foundation. O'Brien, an Irish billionaire who runs the Jamaica-based telecom giant Digicel, said he financed the hotel himself.” The hotel is “just blocks from the neediest Haitian neighborhood.”

It’s nearly impossible to brush aside as conspiracy accusations of pay-to-play, particularly when another ABC report notes, “In a series of candid email exchanges with top Clinton Foundation officials during the hours after the massive 2010 Haiti earthquake, a senior aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton repeatedly gave special attention to those identified by the abbreviations ‘FOB’ (friends of Bill Clinton) or ‘WJC VIPs’ (William Jefferson Clinton VIPs).” A more appropriate title for the Clintons’ “charity” would be The Quid Pro Quo Foundation.

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