The Patriot Post® · Thursday Short Cuts

By Publius ·

Insight: “By academic freedom I understand the right to search for truth and to publish and teach what one holds to be true. This right implies also a duty; one must not conceal any part of what one has recognized to be true.” —Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

For the record: “If Trump had been a serious candidate, he would have known this stuff was coming. He would have hired opposition researchers to vet him before others could. It’s going to get much worse, and nuking the rubble of the Clinton marriage won’t save him.” —Jonah Goldberg

The history-defining question: “Bob Dole was a horrible presidential candidate and not a particularly conservative Republican. But he was an honorable man who had a loyalty to things bigger than himself, including his political party. When Republicans had to cut him loose in 1996 to try to save their congressional majorities, he was a good and loyal solider. Does anyone expect that of Donald Trump?” —Rich Lowry

Obama who? “I really like the idea of a program that Congressman Jim Clyburn from South Carolina, the highest-ranking African-American in our government, has been promoting.” —Hillary Clinton

Death spiral: “The reality is the Affordable Care Act is no longer affordable for increasing numbers of people.” —Minnesota Democrat Gov. Mark Dayton

Didn’t see that coming… “In the gloom and ugliness of this political season, one encouraging truth is often overlooked: There is a well-qualified, well-prepared candidate on the ballot. Hillary Clinton has the potential to be an excellent president of the United States, and we endorse her without hesitation.” —Washington Post editorial board

Late-night humor: “Happy 41st wedding anniversary to Bill and Hillary Clinton! Yep, they celebrated with a quiet dinner. A really, REALLY quiet dinner. ‘Did you say something?’ ‘No.’ ‘Good.’” —Jimmy Fallon