Right Hooks

Hillary's Big Labor Super PAC

Unions are spending record amounts to get Clinton elected.

Thomas Gallatin · Oct. 18, 2016

As the election race rounds the final bend before heading down the home stretch, Big Labor has put the pedal to the metal in their effort to ensure a Hillary Clinton victory. From January 2015 through August of this year, labor unions have spent a record $110 million on the election. This is a 38% increase from 2012 and almost double what was spent in 2008 — no small feat given unions’ declining membership.

Most labor unions have come out in support of Hillary Clinton, proving themselves to be the same old super PAC for Democrats they have been for decades. Although Donald Trump has proven to be a heavy favorite among white, non-college educated workers, union leaders have warned of losses of labor rights should Trump be elected. Union bosses point to the recent Supreme Court deadlock over a case that would allow public sector union members to opt out of paying compulsory dues, as well as the fact that Trump’s running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, is a major proponent of right-to-work legislation as reasons to support Clinton.

Even with the record spending and dire warnings of the loss of labor rights, some union leaders worry of low enthusiasm among union members. Mike Knisley who runs a union of plumbers and pipe-fitters in Lima, Ohio played identity politics: “I never thought I’d have a harder time selling a white woman candidate than a black candidate, but there you have it.” AFL-CIO Arkansas chapter president Alan Huges complained, “I think a lot of [union members] are turned off. You worry — are they going to go to the polls and vote?” Union members, like most Americans, are simply tired of being told one thing by politicians only to see those same politicians become seduced by the same old power-hungry Washington elitism that justifies the passing of ever-more burdening regulations, tax hikes and limits to individual freedoms, all in the name of “social justice.” The union leaders might be in the pocket of the DNC, but the workers know how Barack Obama’s policies have decimated the economy, and they’re not crazy about more of the same from Clinton.

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