The Patriot Post® · Moore's Latest Propaganda Film

By Thomas Gallatin ·

Leftist documentarian Michael Moore has released his latest film, entitled “Michael Moore in Trumpland.” As a little advertising bait, Moore claims that “Ohio Republicans tried to shut down [the film].” In true Michael Moore fashion, the “documentary” is more fiction than fact. The movie is about Moore’s attempt to put on a one-man show at the Midland Theater in Newark, Ohio, and the management that supposedly “prevented him from taking the stage as they deemed him too controversial.” This is classic Michael Moore spinning a yarn.

The Midland Theater was never able to reach an agreement with Moore over the show, but it was not due to his political leanings. The theater’s executive director responded to the erroneous claim, stating, “[The theater and Moore were] unable to resolve a number of details and concerns in a comfortable timeframe, [so] the theatre declined to present Mr. Moore’s show. No contract was offered nor agreed upon. It is disappointing when a singular business decision leads to disrespectful assumptions and public commentary about our entire community. We remain focused on supporting the arts and culture in our community and the power they have to transform lives.”

Unsurprisingly, “Michael Moore in Trumpland” is more of a propaganda piece for Hillary Clinton than a hard-hitting exposé on Donald Trump. Moore seemed primarily concerned with shoring up one of Hillary’s most glaring weaknesses: likability. As Moore has done in all his films, he unabashedly twists the truth to favor his own perspectives and criticisms, all while mocking Americans who believe in the foundational values of this great nation. The irony is that he’s free to do it at this moment in time thanks to the Left’s most hated recent Supreme Court decision: Citizens United.