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Hillary's Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

An undercover video reveals Clinton's FEC violations in fomenting Trump protests.

Thomas Gallatin · Oct. 25, 2016

Project Veritas Action released a third undercover video exposing the fact that Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC colluded with the leftist non-profit organization Americans United for Change to disrupt Donald Trump’s campaign rallies with someone dressed up as Donald Duck. Beyond the purely obnoxious nature of these fomented protests, these videos directly implicate Clinton in FEC violations, revealing yet another instance not only of Hillary’s willful lawlessness but of her hypocrisy. Clinton has campaigned often and hard against the Supreme Court’s decision on Citizens United, which lifted some unconstitutional restrictions on First Amendment rights in the political realm, promising that she would nominate justices who would overturn that ruling. Yet here she is flouting campaign finance law to coordinate with allies.

Like every Democrat for decades, Clinton has enjoyed the Leftmedia’s support through what amounts to in-kind campaign contributions — hardly distinguishable from the large amounts of cash and political campaigning from unions. The reason Democrats like Hillary hate the Citizens United ruling is for the simple fact that it levels the political playing field.

One of the most discouraging things this current election cycle has revealed more so than any other in recent memory is the level of compromise and downright corruption in the federal government. Even with the release of these videos, it seems unlikely that there will be any serious investigation or consequences. It is this unjust double standard that frustrates so many Americans. Those in government take it upon themselves to continually create new increasingly burdensome laws, taxes and regulations that are forced upon the American citizenry but to which these same corruptocrats excuse themselves from having the obligation to follow. Hillary Clinton is the embodiment of this governing hypocrisy.

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