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Hillary's Piggy Bank: The Clinton Foundation

More WikiLeaks emails reveal just how much contempt the Clintons have for the rules.

Thomas Gallatin · Oct. 28, 2016

The WikiLeaks document drip continues to reveal the degree to which the Clintons have conspired to enrich and politically position themselves. One of the memos released was written in 2011 by Clinton “errand boy” Doug Band, who worked simultaneously at the Clinton Foundation and was the head of his own consulting business, Teneo. The memo reveals a level of collusion between the Clintons, the Clinton Foundation, the State Department and Band as he boasts of raising money for the Clinton Foundation from top-tier companies who were clients of his firm. Those same donors also provided personal income to Bill Clinton — in fact, Band called it “Bill Clinton, Inc.” As The Wall Street Journal’s Kimberley Strassel put it, “The memo removes any doubt that the [Clinton Foundation] is little more than an unregistered super PAC working on the Clintons’ behalf.”

Strassel may have summed up this latest email dump best when she reported, “It is astonishingly detailed proof that the Clintons do not draw any lines between their ‘charitable’ work, their political activity, their government jobs or (and most important) their personal enrichment. Every other American is expected to keep these pursuits separate, as required by tax law, anticorruption law and campaign-finance law. For the Clintons, it is all one and the same — the rules be damned.”

If Hillary wins the election, Americans can only expect more of the same, though this time it will be Clinton Administration, Inc.

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