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Economic Outlook Under Hillary: More of the Same

What the last pre-election jobs report reveals.

Thomas Gallatin · Nov. 4, 2016

As Americans prepare to elect the next president four days from today, the last pre-election jobs reports shows “more of the same.” October new hires came in at an unimpressive 161,000, and the headline unemployment rate is 4.9%, down one-tenth of a point from last month, while the fuller measure of unemployment dropped slightly to 9.5%. We’ve also marked a full decade of sub 3% GDP growth after a recession created by the easy lending policies of Bill Clinton and the Democrats, not, as Hillary Clinton would have you believe, because of George W. Bush’s tax cuts.

Under Clinton’s promise of increased tax and spend policies, the economic outlook amounts to “more lost years of slow economic growth,” reports The Wall Street Journal. More of the same lack of economic growth will play into the hands of leftists as they will continue to blame the wealthy and call for more policies designed to redistribute wealth. The Left dreams of a socialist society bolstered by the demand for greater government intervention as more Americans find themselves struggling to make ends meet.

When choosing between the two candidates, the prospect of Donald Trump’s positive impact on a stagnate economy is a far better bet. Trump has called for lowering the corporate tax rate and deregulation of a business climate that has become overly burdened by too much Washington red tape. Professionally, Trump’s business acumen far exceeds that of his opponent. Clinton is adept in politically manipulating others as a means to further her own position and increase her personal wealth. But that won’t translate to economic growth for the rest of us.

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