The Patriot Post® · The Bottom Line on Clinton

By Mark Alexander ·

Over the past year, the 24-hour MSM news recyclers across the political spectrum have spun and re-spun, ad nauseam, allegations and denials about the criminal activities of Hillary Clinton and her chief prevaricator, DNC point man Bill Clinton. The media is, first and foremost, interested in ad revenue (one reason The Patriot Post does not take advertising), and the relentless ranting has resulted in “scandal fatigue.”

The big winners in this election cycle are the MSM bank accounts. The big loser is the American people, because what is important has been diluted by what is not, and too many media consumers can no longer distinguish between the two.

Alternatively, The Patriot Post has offered cogent analysis on Hillary Clinton’s illegal effort to keep all of her communications as secretary of state off the grid in order to conceal them from freedom of information requests, which would expose her role in nefarious activities like the Benghazi cover-up to protect Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election and her own 2016 presidential plans.

I have clearly chronicled Hillary’s prolific record of malfeasance, and like Bill, her pathological penchant for lying. I have provided concise analysis on their criminal Clinton Foundation enterprise and renewed FBI investigation into their criminal activity — despite protection from “Justice” Department fixers.

The fact is, the Clinton’s abject corruption contaminates everything they touch, and it’s about to swamp the national government.

Allow me to summarize where this all stands on the eve of the presidential election.

The announcement by FBI Director James Comey of a renewed investigation into Clinton’s concealed communications is too little too late. The fact is, Clinton ordered 32,000 emails “bleached” from her server archives after congressional subpoenas were issued for those communications. Clinton and her attorneys (who have inexplicably been given immunity) decided for themselves what to turn over and what to destroy. It’s highly unlikely that those destroyed communications will ever surface.

The acknowledgment that the FBI has confidentially continued its investigation into the Clintons’ illegal foundation pay-to-play political graft and influence schemes may produce indictments, but to what end?

The courts have determined that a sitting president is immune from criminal prosecution. Thus, if Clinton is elected, the only recourse would be impeachment.

Recall that Bill Clinton was guilty as charged in 1999, but Senate Democrats couldn’t muster enough integrity to reach the two-thirds mandate for conviction. The next House could refer charges to the Senate, but it’s even less likely now that Democrats would muster the integrity to reach the two-thirds mandate.

The only way to avoid nationalizing the Clinton’s crime syndicate is to defeat Hillary Clinton at the polls.