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The True Poll: America's Vote

The real and only poll that matters comes out today.

Thomas Gallatin · Nov. 8, 2016

Election Day has arrived… finally. And as seems to be the case with every election, the stakes are high. We’ve spilled enormous digital “ink” on the subject, analyzing both candidates and the issues that face our nation. The prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency means another four years of Barack Obama’s legacy of economic stagnation, the non-stop pushing of leftist social engineering agendas, and the continued weakening of America’s status as the world’s leader in protecting and defending freedom. The prospect of a Donald Trump presidency holds many unknowns, as he is arguably the truest political outsider in our nation’s electoral history. Trump’s promise of upending the status quo of Washington’s political elites has many Americans excited — maybe not so much in Trump the man as in Trump the force desperately needed to challenge growing corruption.

In light of all the genuine concerns and all the highs and lows brought about this election season, it’s important to remember that our nation was founded on the principle of limited government because, as our Founding Fathers recognized, we are a nation that ultimately rests under the sovereign hand of God.

So as you head to your polling station to cast your vote — and then maybe make a quick stop at the liquor store on the way back home — remember today’s ballot is the only poll that matters. And the good news is that after all the Leftmedia’s endless prognosticating and propaganda via polls, today, Americans, not professional pollsters, will decide who will lead our nation over the next four years.

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