The Patriot Post® · 100 Days of Trump

By Political Editors ·

A tradition established by FDR and maintained since, newly elected presidents propose their plan of action for the first 100 days of their presidency. That’s one thing Donald Trump won’t change. At his late October speech in Gettysburg, Trump released his first 100 days plan. Now that Trump is president-elect, what can Americans expect to see?

Trump’s action plan can be summed up in three words: Cleansing, Protecting and Restoring.

Cleansing: Trump’s proposed legislative agenda includes a call for the passage of a new constitutional amendment establishing term limits on members of Congress, establishing a mandatory wait time before a member of congress can work for a lobbyist, and an elimination of foreign lobbyists.

Protecting: Trump proposed tax reductions on families, reducing the corporate tax rate down to 15% from its current highest-in-the-world rate of 35%, and ending unbalanced foreign trade agreements. His plan also includes the repeal of ObamaCare, which is to be replaced by private health savings accounts.

Restoring: Trump has promised to repeal all of Barack Obama’s executive actions and orders, as well as enforce immigration laws. He has also proposed new immigration laws that would establish two-year prison term for those re-entering illegally a second time and at least five-year sentences for illegals with felony records who re-enter illegally. And, of course, the construction of a southern border wall, which he says Mexico will eventually finance.

Trump’s 100 day plan is ambitious, but with both houses of Congress now in Republican hands he has an open avenue to get many of his proposals accomplished.