Right Hooks

Division and Vitriol

The Left throws a temper tantrum and the Leftmedia blames Trump.

Political Editors · Nov. 14, 2016

According to a new Gallup poll, just 84% of Americans have said they accept Donald Trump as a legitimate president. What are the other 16% doing about it? These disconsolate and emotionally incontinent adolescents are protesting, rioting, beating people and threatening jobs.

As protests rage in several of the nation’s largest cities over Trump’s election, the Leftmedia are content to act as apologists for the unruly and emotionally juvenile mobs. Chanting a variety of noxious complaints such as “Not My President,” protesters who evidently don’t have jobs — or as Trump has suggested, are professional agitators — have been demonstrating since last Wednesday. Some of them were bussed in. Worst of all, at least one protester in the nation’s capital even held up a “Rape Melania” sign, in reference to the incoming first lady. What vile human being would advocate such a thing? The best the Washington Post could do is note objections to “the sign’s inappropriateness.” Please.

The day after the election, Matt Maloney, CEO of popular food delivery service GrubHub, sent an email to his employees telling those who supported Trump to submit “your resignation because you have no place here.” He later claimed he wasn’t against people having voted for Trump. We in our humble shop have our doubts.

Leftmedia support the accusations and stoke fears by referring to a few rather obscure accounts of people — say, paid leftist protesters — shouting disparaging remarks toward Clinton supporters. Meanwhile the mainstream press conveniently ignores a much more disturbing video gaining wide play on social media. The video, shot in Chicago, shows an older white man under vicious assault by several black youths while others yell, “Beat his ass! You voted Trump! Don’t vote Trump!”

Where is Barack Obama calling out this deplorable behavior born out of bigoted and racist rage? For that matter, where’s Hillary Clinton? Bernie Sanders is practically alone among Democrats calling on leftists to cease their temper tantrums. The response demonstrated by many of these radicals is exactly why identity politics is so destructive, for it thrives on pitting groups against each other. The result is an increased divisiveness with little common ground.


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