The Patriot Post® · The Leftmedia's 'Alt-Right,' 'Fake News' Propaganda Campaign

By Arnold Ahlert ·

Where does the Leftmedia go after a fed up electorate thoroughly repudiates their inaccurate polls, their dismissal of ordinary Americans’ legitimate concerns, and their transparently biased efforts to undermine GOP president-elect Donald Trump? They double-down with a propaganda-based smear campaign, using the phrases “alt-right” and “fake news” as their vehicles.

Leftmedia group-think is once again the rage. A sampler of recent headlines says it all:

  • The Washington Post: “The alt-right supported Trump. Now its members want him to satisfy their demands.”

  • The New York Times: “Civil Rights Groups Call on Trump to Denounce Racism of Alt-Right.”

  • ABC: Trump victory brings ‘alt-right’ into full view.“

  • CBS: "Steve Bannon and the alt-right: a primer.”

  • NBC: “Analysis: Breitbart’s Steve Bannon Leads the ‘Alt Right’ to the White House.”

  • The Los Angeles Times: “Bannon opens an alt-right door to the Trump White House.”

  • CNN: “Why did Trump wait so long to reject the ‘alt-right’?”

Funny CNN should ask. A targeted Google search limiting the quest for information to a time period between Jan. 1, 2014 and Nov. 30, 2015 was extremely revealing. The term “alt-right” didn’t yield a single mainstream media story about the subject through the first five results pages, save for a Washington Post piece where the term was used once. Not to illuminate the movement itself, but to bring the term “cuckservative,” used to deride #NeverTrumpers, into the mainstream.

By Dec. 2015, Trump had hit a new high in national polling surveys, and beginning at approximately the same time, more and more Leftmedia stories began to emerge about the alt-right.

Last week, we were inundated with alt-right “news.” And during and after the campaign, the Leftmedia warned us this white supremacist movement is “having a bit of a moment,” that Trump’s win “would make the alt-right more powerful than it has ever been,” and that it is “rising.”

Rising? A Washington Post article excoriating Trump for his alleged association with the movement gives the game away, explaining the “alt-right began online and mostly lives there” and that there is “plenty of historical precedent for fringe right-wing malcontents” (emphasis added).

The Associated Press makes it even clearer. “Donald Trump’s election is bringing to the fore a strain of race-based politics once so far out of the mainstream few had even heard of it.” That might explain why, despite the over-the-top coverage of the annual alt-right conference held this year in Washington, DC, it was attended by all of 275 people.

In August, thousands of fans attended a Star Trek convention in Las Vegas.

Regardless, the Leftmedia, epitomized by this exchange between CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer, expects Trump to repeatedly disavow the alt-right even though he has already done so.

This is no accident. It is the essence of a “lie repeated often enough it becomes the truth” strategy used by the Leftmedia to associate Trump, his supporters, and by extension the GOP and the entire conservative movement with Neo-Nazism.

That our fundamentally corrupt mainstream media would do this is to be expected. Most unfortunately, however, it also appears Trump, the RNC and the GOP inadvertently helped by once again allowing the Left to frame the argument, unnecessarily putting themselves on the defensive as a result.

This is absurd. It behooves every Republican to call out the Leftmedia for perpetrating a blatant propaganda campaign presented as news. Moreover, make them explain why they’ll hammer Trump for a group with whom he’s never associated, while they gave Obama an eight-year pass on not only failing to condemn a racial arsonist like Al Sharpton, but repeatedly inviting him to the White House. And that’s not to mention Obama’s racist and communist mentors…

Until that kind of slap-down becomes instinctive, Republicans will remain on the defensive.

As for “fake news,” the same targeted Google search yielded a similar paucity of mainstream media stories, save for a few reports about a Facebook crackdown. It consisted of allowing fake news to remain on its website, but giving readers the opportunity to flag it, along with the idea of creating an algorithm to detect such stories and suppress distribution.

That was then. Now, Facebook has developed a content-restricting censorship tool to re-enter the Communist Chinese market. Apparently, CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s “principles” are less important than his profit margins. “So can Facebook’s solution on developing a censorship tool for China apply to the fake news problem in the U.S. as well?” asks Forbes Magazine contributor Xiang Wang.

No doubt. Moreover the Leftmedia is endeavoring to make such censorship acceptable — because the alternative gets us a “deplorable” like Donald Trump in the White House. A Guardian headline sets the tone: “Click and elect: how fake news helped Donald Trump win a real election.” CBS offers its readers fake news creator Paul Horner, who brags, “Trump is in the White House because of me.” NPR “tracked down” fake news purveyor Jestin Coler, who insists the phenomenon “is a right-wing issue,” because similar attempts to fool liberals “has never worked.”

And last Friday an embarrassing hit-piece by the Washington Post claimed Russian-perpetrated fake news allowed “an insurgent candidate … to claim the White House.” This according to so-called “non-partisan” experts, not a single one of whom was named. The paper added, “The sophistication of the Russian tactics may complicate efforts by Facebook and Google to crack down on ‘fake news,’ as they have vowed to do after widespread complaints about the problem.”

Note the Leftmedia meme at work here. Trump supporters are fundamentally incapable of discerning the difference between real and fake news stories. So much so, a crackdown (read: censorship) becomes necessary. Following undocumented but nonetheless “widespread” (read: leftist) complaints.

The obliviousness is astounding. Perhaps nothing tilted the 2016 election in Trump’s favor more than the arrogance demonstrated by an American Left that firmly believes most people are incapable of functioning without the Left’s “superior” insight to guide them. Even more remarkably, they seem equally oblivious to the reality the Leftmedia itself has published a cornucopia of fake news going as far back as the 1930s, when New York Times reporter Walter Duranty was singing the praises of Joseph Stalin, even as the communist thug was murdering millions of his own people.

Praise that earned Duranty a Pulitzer Prize.

One might have hoped the gargantuan level of bias-inspired corruption outed by both the WikiLeaks revelations of Democrat/Leftmedia coordination and the election result would engender some serious reassessment by those who got so much so wrong. Unfortunately, the Leftmedia’s alt-right, fake news propaganda campaign indicates it will remain business as usual — or worse. And while many Americans are enjoying the Leftmedia’s self-immolation, one more headline is cause for concern. The New York Post: “Keep Crying wolf about Trump, and no one will listen when there’s a real crisis.”