The Patriot Post® · Jumping on the Recount Bandwagon

By Political Editors ·

On Saturday, Hillary Clinton joined Green Party candidate Jill Stein in calling for a vote recount in Wisconsin. Despite the lack of any credible evidence of voter fraud — even the Obama administration stated that “the federal government did not observe any increased level of malicious cyber activity aimed at disrupting our electoral process” and that “we believe our elections were free and fair from a cybersecurity perspective” — Stein has pushed to have recounts in the states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania on the basis of “concerns” over Russian hacking of the voting machines.

Clinton has also conceded that there was no “actionable evidence of hacking or outside attempts to alter the voting technology.” So why join Stein in the push for a recount? Does this not smack of absolute hypocrisy since it was Hillary who chastised Donald Trump before the election for declining to say he would accept the election results? While the explanation may be as simple as Hillary being a sore loser, it’s a safe bet that this is yet another attempt to delegitimize Trump’s presidency. It also may be a continued push by the Left to justify the “need” to eliminate the Electoral College.

Speaking of Trump, however, on Sunday, he tweeted that millions of illegal immigrants had voted and, had they not done so, he would have also won the popular vote. While undoubtedly there were many illegal votes, to suggest that there were millions of fraudulent votes is an unfounded and speculative claim that doesn’t help his case. As president-elect, Trump would do better to refrain from commenting and continue to focus on choosing his team. If anything, this move by Hillary may cause Trump to re-evaluate whether or not to further investigate her.