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By Publius ·

Welcome to our retooled Top Headlines section. Our objective is to save you time by reviewing hundreds of news and policy sites every morning. In addition to our top-of-the-fold Right Analysis and Hook summaries, here are more of today’s top stories.

  • Trump’s choice of Tom Price at HHS signals the end for ObamaCare. Price led the GOP’s effort for an alternative plan. (Wall Street Journal)

  • Despite accolades for the Communist Dictator, Obama and Biden are skipping Fidel’s funeral, but we’re sure they’ll hold a private mourning ceremony. (Hot Air)

  • On behalf of Hillary Clinton, Green Party candidate Jill Stein pursued a recount in Pennsylvania in addition to the recount in Wisconsin. PA officials say she missed the deadline there, but we’re pretty sure she still lost. (Washington Examiner)

  • It turns out that more than 800,000 “noncitizens” may have voted in the 2016 election, but Democrats assure us there’s no need to be concerned about voter fraud or lack of voter IDs. (Daily Signal)

  • The U.S. will fall short of ethanol and biofuel targets mandated under the Renewable Fuel Standards boondoggle. (Washington Times)

  • South Korea’s president offers to resign amidst pay-to-play corruption scandal, while Hillary Clinton is contesting her election loss after her own pay-to-play corruption scandal. (Washington Post)

  • Good news: Faithful thinking is good for your brain. Is the science settled? (CNN)