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The Duplicate Green Card Fiasco

A significant increase in the number of errors by the USCIS.

National Security Desk · Nov. 30, 2016

The Department of Homeland Security released a new report which found that over the last three years the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) has produced at least 19,000 green cards that were duplicates or contained erroneous information. Over this same period, thousands of green cards were sent to incorrect addresses, creating another potential security risk. The report stated, “In the wrong hands, Green Cards may enable terrorists, criminals and illegal aliens to remain in the United States and access immigration benefits.” The report disclosed that green card errors cost taxpayers $1.5 million in 2015 alone. Furthermore, the report also noted that, in 2013, more than 2,400 immigrants who were approved for two-year conditional stays in the U.S. “were inadvertently issued cards allowing them to stay for 10 years.” The government has had some difficulty in tracking down some of the immigrants who received these incorrect green cards.

In 2014, some 5,280 green cards were printed “with incorrect names and/or dates of birth,” and some applicants received cards that were printed “No Given Name.” Earlier this year, 18,000 green cards were sent out and reported as missing; 95% of them were delivered. Between 2013 and 2015, U.S. Customs and Border Control listed at least 4,600 cases of individuals who were using “imposter green cards.”

While mistakes will always occur, what is truly concerning is the significant rise in the number of mistakes being made by the USCIS over the last three years. Experts claim the rise is due to an immigration system that has simply become overwhelmed and is unable to handle even some of the most basic administrative tasks. Mistakes that are allowed to continue with little or no attempt to correct, indicate a management or leadership lacking concern over the ramifications of those errors. Honestly, it’s not surprising given Barack Obama’s stance on illegal immigration that these problems were not seriously addressed. It may be that, from Obama’s perspective, they weren’t really problems.

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