The Patriot Post® · Friday Top Headlines

By Publius ·

  • Republican National Committee security foiled Russian hackers, though they didn’t know until later. (The Wall Street Journal)

  • Health insurance premiums Obama promised he’d lower actually add $10B to taxpayers’ health law tab — now at $42.6 billion. (Fox Business)

  • Another ObamaCare enrollment extension — whatever it takes. (The Washington Post)

  • Trump names David Friedman his ambassador to Israel. (Washington Examiner)

  • Trump “mulling” Larry Kudlow to chair his Council of Economic Advisers. (The Weekly Standard)

  • Wheeler to step down from FCC. That’s great news for Republicans and the Internet. (The Wall Street Journal)

  • “Luxury” living: Senate report finds IRS workers racked up huge travel tab. (Fox News)

  • Racist guilty in Charleston church murders. Now he faces death. (USA Today)

  • Ohio State jihadi’s name added to student group’s list of people of color killed by police. (The Lantern)

  • Colorado school district to allow teachers to arm themselves. (Associated Press)

  • Policy: Steps Congress can take to fix the student debt system. (Fiscal Times)

  • Policy: Making NASA great again. (National Review)