The Patriot Post® · Monday Short Cuts

By Publius ·

The Gipper: “We have every right to dream heroic dreams. Those who say that we’re in a time when there are no heroes, they just don’t know where to look.”

Non Compos Mentis: “Our culture of purity celebrates the Virgin Mary. As a rape victim, that hurts me.” —Ruth Everhart in The Washington Post

Alpha Jackass: “I know there have been folks out there that suggest somehow, if we went out there and made big announcements and thumped our chests about a bunch of stuff, that somehow that would potentially spook the Russians. … I should point out … [that] part of why the Russians have been effective on this is because they don’t go around announcing what they’re doing.” —Barack Obama

That’s not how it works: “As a practical matter, we can’t depend on a constitutional amendment to eliminate the electoral college. … Instead, it’s up to the Supreme Court — and a properly framed lawsuit — to do away with a system that not only never functioned as the framers intended but blatantly violates the court’s ‘one person, one vote’ principle.” —Kenneth Jost in the LA Times (Yet another example of liberal ignorance. SCOTUS was never intended to write laws.)

Village Idiots: “[S]ome states have made it ‘illegal’ for [electors] to vote any other way than for Trump. If you don’t vote for him, your state will fine you $1,000. So here’s my offer to you: I obviously can’t and won’t give you money to vote [today], but if you do vote your conscience and you are punished for it, I will personally pay your fine, which is my legal right to do.” —Michael Moore

Blame game: “Swing-state voters made their decisions in the final days breaking against me because of the FBI letter from Director Comey. … This is not just an attack on me and my campaign, although that may have added fuel to it. This is an attack against our country. We are well beyond normal political concerns here. This is about the integrity of our democracy and the security of our nation.” —Hillary Clinton

Late-night humor: “The Democratic National Committee was actually hacked because one of its directors clicked on a fake email to change his password, which gave Russia access to his account. Then Hillary said, ‘I can’t believe you’d be so careless with your email!’” —Jimmy Fallon