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'Miss Sloane' Misses the Mark

An anti-NRA film goes down in flames.

Jordan Candler · Jan. 3, 2017

When it comes to Hollywood, a film’s accruing $3.2 million in its first two weeks is considered a debacle. Yet that’s the meager reception with which a new pro-gun control movie, “Miss Sloane,” was greeted. The Salt Lake Tribune says the anti-NRA film “serves up plenty that’s worth seeing” and praises it as “a smart take on what’s gone wrong with the system.” Evidently, moviegoers didn’t get the memo. The statistics aren’t pretty, as well-known firearms researcher John Lott explains in National Review:

Out of the 200 highest-grossing movies of 2016, only ten exceeded the $15.9 million television advertising budget of Miss Sloane, and seven of those did so by very small amounts. Miss Sloane spent more than the Star Wars spinoff Rogue One, Star Trek, Pete’s Dragon, Arrival, Doctor Strange, and Hacksaw Ridge. It had twice the advertising budget of such hits as Sully, The Girl on the Train, and The Secret Life of Pets. For every dollar spent on advertising, Miss Sloane brought in just 21 cents in ticket sales. By this measure, it came in dead last out of the 200 top-grossing movies in 2016. No one else was even close. Coming in second-to-last was Collateral Beauty, which made 53 cents per advertising dollar. The average movie made almost $2 for each dollar spent on advertising.

It’s not like the ensuing failure wasn’t written all over the wall. Last year was a record-setter for prospective gun buyers, as the FBI ran an astonishing 27,538,673 firearm background checks in 2016. The Tribune claims “Miss Sloane” explains “what’s gone wrong with the system.” It does, but not for the reason it tries to instill. The film’s flop depicts just how out of touch with reality and the rest of America Hollywood and Washington really are. Voters sent a clear message to Democrats on Nov. 8: Leave us alone.

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