The Patriot Post® · Thursday Top Headlines

By Publius ·

  • Record firearm sales in 2016 — good for the Republic! (Washington Free Beacon)

  • Trump to tap Wall Street lawyer, Jay Clayton, to head SEC. (The Washington Post)

  • Senate advances budget resolution with ObamaCare repeal. (Roll Call)

  • Preparing to build the wall? Trump team seeks agency records on border barriers, surveillance. (Reuters)

  • Assange claims Russia not WikiLeaks source despite Intel claims. (Fox News)

  • Six New Year resolutions that are a must. (The Daily Signal)

  • Marine Corps assigns first female infantry to battalion. (Marine Corps Times)

  • U.S. fines TransUnion, Equifax for deceit over credit scores. (Reuters)

  • Shock (not): CNN least trusted among likely voters. (Washington Examiner)

  • Seattle voters get $100 of their own money back in “Democracy Vouchers.” (NBC Seattle)

  • Policy: Two strategic energy pivots for the new administration. (Manhattan Institute)

  • Policy: How to curtail the UN’s power. (The Daily Signal)