Thursday Short Cuts

Publius · Jan. 12, 2017

Insight: “If honor be your clothing, the suit will last a lifetime; but if clothing be your honor, it will soon be worn threadbare.” —William D. Arnot (1808–1875)

Upright: “Is this what the role of the news media is going to become now? Trump makes unfounded accusations, so we’re free to make unfounded accusations now, too? The decisions you make don’t tell the world about the standards of other people; the decisions you make tell the world about your standards.” —Jim Geraghty

“Even former Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., who confesses proudly to having traduced the reputation of a previous presidential candidate with a clear lie, declined to repeat these latest unverified allegations about Trump, after he, too, saw the document that contained them last year. Think about that. Reid, who famously stooped to slander Mitt Romney, handled the dossier more ethically than BuzzFeed’s editorial team.” —Washington Examiner

Alpha Jackass: “I love America. It’s Americans I hate.” —The Week’s Tim Kreider

Boastful rhetoric: “As I reflect back on what’s worked for me in this office, it’s been that I’ve gotten people who maybe didn’t believe in the process to get engaged. Ironically, I’ve even gotten the other side, that maybe didn’t believe in the process, to get engaged. I gather I’m the father of the Tea Party. I invigorated the grassroots in the Republican Party as well as the Democratic Party.” —Barack Obama

Despicable: “If confirmed, Sen. Sessions will be required to pursue justice for women, but his record indicates that he won’t. He will be expected to defend the equal rights of gay and lesbian and transgender Americans, but his record indicates that he won’t. He will be expected to defend voting rights, but his record indicates that he won’t. He will be expected to defend the rights of immigrants and confirm their human dignity, but his record indicates that he won’t.” —Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ)

Race bait: “Each and every senator who casts a vote to confirm Sen. Sessions will be permanently marked as a co-conspirator in an effort to move this country backward toward a darker period in our shared history.” —Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-LA)

Late-night humor: “Rumors are circulating that Hillary Clinton could run for mayor of New York City later this year. While Bill could run to be the next ‘Naked Cowboy’ in Times Square.” —Jimmy Fallon

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