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Clinton Foundation Donations Dry Up After Hillary's Loss

One primary fundraising tool goes caput.

Political Editors · Jan. 17, 2017

Now that the election is over and Hillary Clinton lost, it’s time to shut down the Clinton Foundation fundraising machine charitable organization. That’s right, Hillary’s Clinton Global Initiative will be formally ending its operation on April 15th. CGI is described as “the networking event of choice for corporations, nonprofits, nongovernmental organizations and wealthy philanthropists,” and it was allegedly designed for the expressed purpose of raising funding for a variety of charitable causes. And if you believe that, we have a bridge to sell you.

With accusations swirling during the campaign that the Clinton Foundation operated as little more than a pay-to-play fund raising scheme, the announcement that the CGI would be shutting down is not exactly a surprise. Why would a charitable organization that had been successfully generating funding determine it was best to end operations? One could argue that before the election, with Hillary fully expecting to win, she wanted to cut ties in order to end the controversy. That would make sense, but after her surprising election loss why shut it down? After all, charities still need funding?

To add weight to the argument that CGI was merely a pay-to-play scheme, some of the larger regular donors such as the Australian government and the Norwegian government have drastically cut funding to the Clinton Foundation. Why? Perhaps because Hillary won’t have a position of power from which to dole out favors. Just a thought.

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