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Leftists Throw Temper Tantrum Over Trump Inauguration

They're taking their ball and going home.

Lewis Morris · Jan. 18, 2017

As Inauguration Day approaches, the Left’s utter rejection of Donald Trump’s legitimacy as president has reached fever pitch. As of Tuesday, 59 Congressional Democrats had announced that they will not attend the inauguration, and other groups are preparing to sow chaos on the Mall, complete with threats of violence.

The trickle of House Dems who made a public spectacle of not attending the inauguration turned into a torrent after the dustup between Trump and Rep. John Lewis (D-Civil Rights Icon™) last weekend. Lewis called Trump “illegitimate,” and announced he’d skip the inauguration. Trump dismissed Lewis as “all talk, talk, talk,” adding that he should “focus on the burning and crime-infested inner-cities.” Trump has a point because Lewis has exacerbated the problem with urban poverty plantations, but as an icon, Lewis apparently can do no wrong.

Several of the House members boycotting the inauguration are members of the Congressional Black Caucus. Some of them, Lewis included, also refused to attend George W. Bush’s inauguration in 2001, claiming he was not a legitimate president. Lewis skipped Bush’s inauguration again in 2005. Sensing a pattern here?

The political left in DC has been joined by their cadre in the entertainment world as several Hollywood celebrities and musical performers have made public statements about how they will not attend the inauguration or perform there. Instead, many are planning well-publicized anti-Trump events to coincide with the festivities. Perish the thought that someone else besides a movie star get all the publicity.

For many of these narcissists, it’s about getting attention. It’s not enough to just not go to Trump’s inauguration. A vast majority of these people probably wouldn’t have gone anyway. And it can be safely assumed that many of the musical acts who have publicly proclaimed they would not perform in DC this weekend were not asked to do so. They just can’t stand the idea that much of the country doesn’t agree with their leftist worldview, so they need to find some way to be in everybody’s face. They aren’t seeking to delegitimize Trump so much as find legitimacy for themselves in a world that sees them for what they are — entertainers who live in a world of make-believe.

These childish actions are no different than watching a spoiled child seize their ball and march off the playground in a huff because no one else wants to play by their silly rules. We saw it during the inaugurations in 2001 and 2005, but we did not see it in 2009 or 2013. Why?

Well, quite simply, because conservatives are more mature than liberals. Sure, there was spirited disagreement with Barack Obama’s policies, but there was no widespread movement to claim that he was illegitimate and to boycott and sabotage his inauguration. Even those who questioned Obama’s birth certificate, including the president-elect, never caused such disruption.

The problem is not the immaturity of the Left, it’s the capacity for violence and chaos that many on the Left so easily embrace. Whether it be shutting down the streets of New York in front of Trump Tower, or the latest calls to disrupt the inauguration, anti-Trump activists want us to see their rage. And feel it.

A group calling itself the DC Anti-Fascist Coalition was recorded by Project Veritas devising a plan to use butyric acid bombs, commonly known as stink bombs, to disrupt a pre-inauguration gala at the National Press Club the night before the inauguration. Butyric acid is a chemical that can cause irritation of the respiratory tract, nausea, vomiting, eye injury and skin burns. Canisters containing the chemical also have the potential to explode when heated.

This may sound like fun and games to Luke Kahn, a member of the so-called anti-fascist group, but what he is planning amounts to what essentially could be considered a terrorist attack.

Hopefully, Trump’s inauguration will be a peaceful affair like all the presidential inaugurations that have happened before. If people don’t want to attend because they don’t like the man, then so be it. But no one has the right to deliberately plan mayhem and cause harm during these festivities.

You don’t get a reprieve from the responsibilities of our society just because the person you supported didn’t win the election. You don’t have the right to claim the illegitimacy of the victor just because you disagree with his policies. Adults understand these things. It’s a byproduct of maturity. Unfortunately, maturity is not a prerequisite for being a liberal.

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