Thursday Short Cuts

Publius · Jan. 19, 2017

Insight: “What, actually, is the difference between communism and fascism? Both are forms of statism, authoritarianism. The only difference between Stalin’s communism and Mussolini’s fascism is an insignificant detail in organizational structure.” —Leonard E. Read (1898-1983)

Tit for tat: “Many on the Left believe school choice should not be available to poor children, not because school choice is a bad idea, but because the Democratic Party doesn’t want to alienate teachers’ unions that oppose it. Teachers’ unions make generous contributions to Democratic politicians and Democratic politicians rely on teachers’ unions for votes. Yet these same politicians have no skin in the game; many send their children to elite private schools.” —Cal Thomas

The BIG Lie: “We are not a compassionate society. In terms of our relationship to poor and working people, our record is worse than virtually any other country on Earth.” —Bernie Sanders

Delusions of grandeur: “I think the new administration, frankly, is coming to power with the wind at their back because of the strength of our economy and because of the role that we’ve played being engaged with countries in sound diplomacy over the course of the last eight years — and four for me.” —John Kerry

The understatement of American history: “No one is sorry to see this guy go.” —William J. Johnson, executive director of the National Association of Police Organizations

Non Compos Mentis: “Even though we’re still a few days from his inauguration, there’s already a mountain of evidence that proves without any doubt that we can’t trust Donald Trump. Our work to keep Donald Trump from running the most corrupt administration in our history has already started.” —DNC fundraising email (The DNC knows a thing or two about corruption…)

And last… “Tonight, the sun sets on the Obama administration for the last time.” —Jim Geraghty (Hallelujah!)

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