The Patriot Post® · DHS Experiences the Trump Effect

By Political Editors ·

With all the Democrats’ and Leftmedia’s hysterics over Donald Trump’s executive orders on immigration, travel restrictions and reforming of visa vetting, combined with an over-the-top freakout of many Hollywood elites calling for resistance to Trump, one can hardly be faulted for wondering if there are any out there who are happy with Trump beyond those “deplorables” who voted for him, sizable though they may be.

Well, there is at least one government agency where members are reporting quite a boost in morale after Trump’s recent executive orders — the Department of Homeland Security. Over the last eight years, Border Patrol agents have felt like they were fighting a losing battle. Under Barack Obama’s “catch and release” directive, up to 80% of those illegals caught trying to enter were let go. Agents said that they felt handcuffed, unable to do their jobs. But now, says Shawn Moran, vice president of the National Border Patrol Council, “When Trump was elected, there was an increase in optimism among the agents, but nothing like what we’ve seen in the past few days.”

The DHS, once considered one of the worst places to work within the federal government according to staff surveys, has seen a sizable shift in morale. One Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent, after hearing new DHS Secretary John Kelly’s public remarks to reporters on enforcing laws to protect Americans, said that it “re-energized a lot of us because for so long we’ve been vilified for doing our jobs, and here was someone finally standing up for us.”

As Trump said when he spoke last week at DHS headquarters, “Agents haven’t been allowed to do their jobs. That’s going to change.” And indeed, it looks like those at DHS are happy he’s been true to his word.